Message from the Company

The MULTISTOREYS PROJECTS PVT. LID. is pleased to present the eighth annual edition of its update Brochure. This edition presents our Corporates Members and major clients as well as our large, medium, small enterprises business members. We hope that this effort will spur business -to -business transactions between clients and our associates firms and enhance our efforts to increase the number of contract awards to MULTISTOREYS from the public and private sectors. At a time when small contractors are experiencing great difficulty in getting work, we are pleased that many major clients, corporate, firms and public agencies are staying the course to provide opportunities to serve them. We also appreciate their support of the growth of this organization because they enable us to provide quality support services for their local construction needs.

MULTISTOREYS - Civil construction consist of major, medium and turnkey contractors who are amongst the best in the country. Some of our contracts are already quite successful, and others re poised for greater success and advancement. The enclosed company profiles show our consistent considerable working experience within the public and private sectors. They are perfect examples of what is good about the construction industry and diversity in Abroad.

  • We request you to contact our responsible Staff members and contract them for work on your projects -they will not let you down.

    -By Multistoreys Team